WordCamp Nashville Draws High-Profile Presenters

The “Nacin and Otto” show is a big score for WordCamp Nashville. These two are WordPress legends and we are thrilled they want to visit Music City. Some background:

Samuel Wood AKA “Otto”
Otto is a core WordPress contributor and developer from Memphis, TN. He is a “Tech Ninja” at Audrey Capital, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s investment company (http://audrey.co). He also is a moderator of the WordPress.org forums.

His sites and profiles:

Andrew Nacin
Andrew Nacin is a core WordPress contributor and developer from Washington D.C. He is also a “Tech Ninja” at Audrey Capital. Not the shy type, Andrew has become a sort of legend and meme in the WordPress community, inspiring (or runs…not sure) the twitter accounts @NacinBot & @BlameNacin (WordPress inside jokes)

His sites and profiles:

But that’s not all!

Our very own Brad McCarty, who lives in Spring Hill, TN, is another presenter. He’s a professional blogger and the managing editor of TheNextWeb, one of the World’s largest technology blogs (based in the Netherlands).

His sites and profiles:

If these guys aren’t enough to grab your attention, here’s another incentive: We must order Friday, April 6, and the ticket form allows size selection for this signature shirt.

If you stall, you may wind up with an awesome t-shirt that doesn’t fit.

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