Mike Toppa of WebDevStudios, a website development company specializing in WordPress and related open source platforms, talked clean code at WordCamp Philly in 2011. He’s joining us Saturday in Nashville to talk about dependency injection for object-oriented programming on the developer/advanced track.

This is a powerful and flexible concept. Here’s an analog-world analogy: Would you buy a lamp that required you to solder it directly to the electrical wiring in your wall? Of course not. That would be dangerous, and would make it hard to switch to a new lamp in the future.

You want a lamp you can simply plug in, and easily replace with another lamp (or some other electrical device) when your needs change. This is a good way to look at the object-oriented programming technique called dependency injection. When programmers first learn object oriented programming, they typically “hardwire” the dependencies between objects, making their code inflexible and hard to adapt to changing needs.

In this talk, Mike will introduce dependency injection concepts, and use real code examples to explain how to create “pluggable” object relationships in the WordPress environment, so your code can be easily reused and adapted to emerging needs.

Don’t miss it!

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