Vandy Cancer Center Web Coordinator to Cover SEO Fundamentals

Take a look at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center website. It is clean, easy to navigate and delivers important information to those who need it without fuss. It also rocks on Search Engine Optimization.

Anna Belle Leiserson, VICC’s web coordinator, will share her strategies at WordCamp Nashville. “Giving your site good Google juice is not rocket science,” she says. “What it takes is TLC.”

Her talk will include SEO fundamentals, what to look for in a WordPress theme and how to leverage WordPress plug-ins. She presents frequently within the Vanderbilt web design and web development communities on SEO, analytics and content management systems.

The Vandy-Ingram website features easily accessible (and understandable) videos, information on clinical trials and updates on cancer research. We aren’t the only ones who noticed: A study in the January 2012 Journal of Healthcare Management named the site one of the top 10 hospital websites in the country.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro used a webcrawler that scored 636 websites on four criteria: accessibility (ease of use for people with low computers skills), content (freshness, quality and amount), marketing (how it fares in searches), and technology (download speed, site structure, code quality).

We’re fans of all that stuff, too.

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