Andrew Nacin

Washington, DC

Otto and Nacin Show

Anna Belle Leiserson

Nashville, TN

Involvement with WordPress:
Vicc.org (the site I’ve been working on the last eight years) was just named one of the top 10 hospital websites in the country. The primary CMS we use is WordPress, plus I’ve used WordPress for personal blogging since the dawn of WP time — doing WP theme development, training, etc.

Anna Belle Leiserson will be speaking on “Search Engine Optimize Your Site in Three Easy Steps“.

Brad McCarty

Spring Hill, TN

Involvement with WordPress: The Next Web is an international technology blog with roughly 5 million unique visitors and 10 million monthly page views. We’re built on a highly-custom, self-hosted WordPress installation and have published a few of our plugins to the WP repository.

Brad McCarty will be speaker on: “Making the Leap: From Hobbyist to

Joel R. Norris

Ol’ Hick’ry, TN

Joel R. Norris will be speaking on: “WordPress BootCamp“.

John Housholder

John is a Nashville WordPress designer and developer who helps run the Nashville WordPress Meetup and WP Nashville, a local WordPress site for Nashvillians seeking help with WordPress.  He also teaches WordPress and web development classes at the Art Institute of Tennessee and runs Ah So Designs.

John Housholder will be speaking on: “The future of WordPress in Nashville“.

Kenneth White

Nashville, TN

Kenneth White will be speaker on: “Categories, Tags, and Custom Post Types! Oh my!“.

Michael Toppa

Philadelphia, PA

Michael Toppa will be speaking on: “Dependency Injection for WordPress Plugin Development“.

Mitch Canter

Franklin, TN

Mitch will be speaking on: “The Blank Screen: Overcoming Your Fear of ’Pressing From Scratch

Rick Sanders

Nashville, TN

Rick Sanders & Tara Aaron will be speaking on: “Copyright and Other Legal Basics for Bloggers (and Developers, too)“.

Russell Fair

Atlanta, GA

Russell Fair will be speaking on: “LESS, JS & WP“.

Ryan Green

Nashville, TN

Ryan Green will be speaking on: “Child Theme Frameworks“.

Samuel Wood

Memphis, TN

Otto and Nacin Show

Tara Aaron

Rick Sanders & Tara Aaron will be speaking on: “Copyright and Other Legal Basics for Bloggers (and Developers, too)“.

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