Speaker Line-up Includes Managing Editor of The Next Web

The Next Web is an international technology blog with 5 million unique visitors each month and 10 million monthly page views. Brad McCarty, the blog’s managing editor and a professional blogger, lives right here in Middle Tennessee and he’s a WordCamp Nashville speaker.

His presentation, “Making the Leap: From Hobbyist to Professional,” targets WordPress newcomers as well as content creators and publishers. He’ll share strategies for bloggers to kick it up to the next level that include workflow, search engine utilization and content sharing networks. Approaching larger publications for guest posting and finding potential revenue sources round out Brad’s presentation.

Brad has a serious online presence. In various profiles, he describes himself a fan of cool startups, music and really good advertising. In his own words: “I love finding new startups and beating up huge speaker cabinets.”

He is a true, professional blogger. He writes for The Next Web – Monday he posted twice – guest blogs and fills his personal blog with great stuff. He recently moved his personal blog from wordpress.com to svbtle.com, which describes itself “as an experiment that brings some of the best things from newspapers and magazines to a network of independent bloggers.”

We aren’t surprised that Brad is involved in something that considers itself an experiment. “Just one of those guys” is the tagline on his personal blog. Check out Brad’s work here:

WordCamp Nashville 2012 is lucky to get him, even though he doesn’t have to drive far. He moderated a panel on WordPress at SXSW 2012, spoke at TechStars Boulder Super Conference 2012 and presented at Barcamp Nashville 2011.

And yes, The Next Web is built on WordPress. It is a highly custom installation, and TNW crew has published a few of its plugins to the WP repository.

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